Armando’s Week 4 4A Matchup Preview: Terrell @ Aubrey

Armando BarryBy Armando BarrySeptember 17, 20205 Minutes

On Sept. 18, the Aubrey Chaparrals will host the Terrell Tigers in a non-conference game. With this being the last week of non-conference games, this will be the last chance for teams to improve– or completely blow games –before conference play starts.

Looking at both of these squads coming into this matchup, this is definitely one of the most peculiar teams paired against each other I have seen so far this season.

Starting with the home team, the Aubrey Chaparrals are entering this matchup with all the momentum that comes from three straight blowout wins to start the season. 

The stars of this scoring show have been QB Jaxon Holder and RB Braylon Colgrove.

For the most part, the offense works through rushing the football with Colgrove to the outside or throwing short to medium passes to receivers outside the hash marks. It seems basic, but they get the job done due to Colgrove’s use of slight jukes and evasive straight-line speed. 

Another huge factor that has tremendously maximized the success of this offense so far is the play calling.

Let me start off my analysis of their play calling by saying whoever their offensive coordinator is…deserves a raise!

The Chaparrals have been very resourceful, using different formations and maneuvering the offense before the snap. This has been the name of the game for them in deceiving defenses of their true offensive play call.

This is probably one of the most entertaining offenses I’ve watched so far. It isn’t necessarily any specific players that wow you with astonishing talent when you look at the tape.

Nonetheless, the numerous cloned plays that have earned Aubrey a half-second advantage at the start of offensive drives is impressive and shows from the two games with over 50 points.

Along with all this, the Chaparrals can boast a capable defense that has held opponents to less than 25 points for the first three games of the season.

On the other side, the Terrell Tigers are on a completely different vibe on the football field.

The Tigers are coming into Friday’s matchup with a 1-2 record. Once you take your first look at this team, you understand why.

With the offense led by less-experienced sophomores and juniors, Terrell’s talent is so raw, yet captivating.

Terrell’s greatest tool is their athleticism and pure guts. Their sophomore QB Kanye Nix has repeatedly embraced this idea with his resolve in airing it out downfield, throwing for over 420 yards in his first three games.

While they have certainly had some plays on offense this season that look like it should be in the dictionary next to ‘falling apart’, Nix’s scrambling speed has shown a remarkable capability to turn nothing into something.

Nix’s weapons on offense come from two sophomore and junior duos of running backs and wideouts. 

On the defensive side, the main contributors are junior LB Jarrius Nickerson-Scruggs and Senior DB Shane Harris.

What I am most on the lookout for in this matchup is how will this defense look to contain the offensive maneuvering mischief of the Aubrey Chaparrals. With that being said, here are my impact players of the game:


  • #1 QB Kanye Nix
    • If the Tiger offense has planned to overcome the talented defense they are set to face on Friday, it will have to start through Nix’s guts in the pocket and speedy scrambles from pass rushers.
  • A Defensive standout
    • I honestly have a tough time seeing Terrell winning this game unless they come out as the better defense on Friday night. It will be tough against an Aubrey offense that loves to play possum.


  • #21 RB Braylon Colgrove
    • I think Colgrove will be the main contributor to putting up points Friday night with a running style that makes you feel like it’s too late once he gets a glimpse of daylight on the outside.


Aubrey wins, 45-28

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